HyGenikx Product Range

HyGenix Range

Selecting your Ideal HyGenikx unit – HyGenikx have designed a comprehensive range of five models that improve air quality by removing viruses, including Coronavirus, from air and surfaces and helping people maintain a high level of infection control.

 In a Commercial Kitchen setting, HyGenikx prolongs the shelf life of fresh food by removing bacteria, moulds and fungi, which also reduces cross contamination and eliminates unpleasant odours. all these features and benefits make HyGenikx the perfect solution to many of challenges facing communities operating in a post pandemic world.   

Each HyGenikx unit is designed to optimise protection for room sizes specific to its range and usage, in addition HyGenikx units are designed to work with standard air changes and ventilation. 

For further information about HyGenikx please email your contact details to info@mechline.com and one of our expert team will be happy to help. 

The HyGenikx ‘O’ range are design for smaller occupied office areas or communal living spaces or dining areas.   

The HyGenikx ‘AF’ range are design for larger occupied office areas or communal living spaces or larger dining areas.  

The HyGenikx ‘F’ range are designed for food storage, preparation and service, this includes chilled food storage areas.  

The HyGenikx ‘S’ range are designed for toilets & restrooms, changing and locker room areas.  

The HyGenikx ‘R’ range are designed for non-occupied Refuse/Bin Store areas where there is a greater need for odour control.  

Tips on HyGenikx Installation 

HyGenikx units are designed to be wall-mounted at a height of 2 meters from the floor. They are best located in an area where air can move freely into and out of the unit. If using multiple units to cover a single area please evenly space to units around the room to allow for full even coverage.